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“Remember, what inspired you to be in business is not necessarily enough to keep you in business!”
- Nancy Sardella, WRS President, Sr. Marketing Consultant

Bottom line Marketing Fact:

If you don’t have all the customers you want, it is probably safe to assume that your marketing is not working… and there are reasons why.

The WRS Business and Marketing seminars are all designed to teach what makes marketing work, why consumers respond to marketing, and what causes them to take action and make the purchase. Our seminars are all designed to impart state-of-the-art marketing techniques and strategies necessary to maintain a successful business... in any economy.

Business, Marketing and Sales training courses have been created, updated, developed and presented by WRS Founder, President and Sr. Marketing Consultant, Nancy Sardella.

Marketing Your Business Workshop
Create an effective, state of the art marketing plan customized for your business!

EVERY business needs a blueprint in order to be successful, and every business must stay current and reinvent itself often just to keep up with the competition. Keeping up with all the social media marketing opportunities and other marketing trends can be a full time job! Instead, you can take the time to attend a crash course that is streamlined with information to help you keep the marketing machine for your business active and new business coming in at a steady pace. In this workshop you will create an effective, state of the art marketing plan customized for your business and learn how to implement your marketing plan effectively and cost efficiently. Nancy Sardella, WRS Sr., Marketing Consultant is constantly researching and updating the material for you so you don’t have to add this to your already busy schedule. Think about it… it is no accident that WRS has been in business for over 30 years and Nancy will teach you how to utilize the same successful marketing methods that are applicable to your business.

Ready to create a customized marketing blueprint for your business? 
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Round Robin (30-second mini commercial "elevator pitch") Workshop
Learn how to get the best results and pique interest from consumers when you present your business in 30 seconds.

How many times have you been asked, “What do you do?” and you stumbled over trying to find the right words to give an intelligent answer? Or perhaps you give your explanation and people look at you with that blank puppy dog stare as if to say “I don’t get it”. This can be overwhelming and frustrating. After all, you know you are good at what you do, but if you can’t tell people in a way that gets you more customers… what is the point of being in business? In this workshop, we will help you create a Round Robin (30-second mini commercial) that is tailored to your business, discuss words and phrases that will inspire and capture potential customers and transform your presentation… guaranteed!

Ready to answer “What do you do?” with confidence and get results?
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"Non-Selling" Sales Method
Learn how to close the sale 80% of the time.

Private Coaching with WRS President & Sr. Marketing Consultant, Nancy Sardella
Think about how you feel when someone is giving you a sales pitch. You instantly turn off, perhaps want to run away, and most likely you will NOT buy the product or service that is being pitched to you. There is an art to making the sale without ever having to apply any type of hard selling tactics. You absolutely can get your customers to say “yes” and close the deal 80% of the time using the WRS time-tested Non-Selling sales method, without ever applying pressure of any kind! These one-on-one Sales Training coaching sessions are facilitated by our Sr. Marketing Consultant, Nancy Sardella, who will support you through creating a customized sales presentation that clearly and comfortably outlines your services so your potential customer can make an informed decision, without feeling pressured.

Ready to close the sale 80% of the time WITHOUT selling? 
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"Networking in WRS" Seminar
Learn the unique WRS method of networking and begin to generate new business as quickly as possible!

To eliminate any learning curve, WRS offers a Networking Seminar that is included in your membership. The information you glean from this seminar will ensure that you benefit from your membership right away! You will learn how to network effectively in WRS, utilizing our unique Networking Methods and how to create a steady stream of new referrals in WRS. This seminar shares exactly what you can expect from other WRS members and they from you and it is a great opportunity for you to jump start your membership by meeting and connecting with other new members and WRS Officers.

Ready to get the most results from your WRS membership?
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